Enneagram Classes in NYC

Middle Collegiate Church, 50 East 7th Street (between 1st and 2nd Ave), Parlor Room (5th floor)

Dates and Times

every other Tuesday from 7-9 pm
check the blog for class agendas

2018 dates:
February 6 and 20
March 6 and 20
April 3 and 17
May 1, 15, and 29
June 12 and 26
July 10 and 24
August 7 and 21
September 4 and 18
October 2, 16, and 30
November 13 and 27
December 11
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Cultivating Capacity and Innate Intelligence
Our aim is to transmit what we know so that it lives in you, and to provide you with opportunities to stretch beyond where you are now. We want you to be able to think critically about what you learn, experience it fully, and let it resonate in your heart. Learned knowledge is important; lived knowledge changes people.

Integrity and Respect
We welcome all sincere learners, and practice healthy boundaries and respect for everyone. Anything that is shared in class is confidential. We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity with respect to the content and methods of the class.

We work toward a level of being that is not a superficial, feel-good thing for today, but a wellspring that you can keep revisiting.

What You'll Experience

You'll explore a variety of ways to be more present, compassionate, and resourceful in the dynamic relationship between the expansiveness of your Essential nature and the reactivity of your Egoic nature – the place where your spiritual nature and your human experience meet.

Each class will be an investigation of different aspects of the Enneagram. Because human beings learn in many ways, classes draw upon a wide variety of techniques, such as discussion, inquiry, music, movement, visuals and video, meditation, and breathwork.

All levels of Enneagram students welcome!

Class fees:
$30 for an individual class
$99 for a four-class card
(save 18%, no expiration date)

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About the Enneagram

The Enneagram provides a powerful and effective means for cultivating your potential, grounded in a lineage that includes ancient wisdom from diverse spiritual traditions and modern psychology. Although this compelling system has a vast range of applications, perhaps none is more beneficial and nourishing to our heart’s longing for something real than the development of an inner life. When we develop an inner life, we have the capacity for greater freedom – an unconditional presence that is unbound to the activity of the ego.

About the Facilitators

Julie Harris

Julie Harris

Enneagram teacher, Integral coach, yoga + meditation teacher

Julie is a certified Riso-Hudson Enneagram teacher who is an innovator in transmitting the wisdom of the Enneagram through powerful visuals. In addition to incorporating the Enneagram into individual coaching engagements, Julie teaches the Enneagram in personal and corporate development retreats and as part of university curricula.

As a certified Integral Coach and founder of Riverbend Coaching, Julie excels at blending diverse streams of research and wisdom into unique and actionable development plans to help her clients fully access their gifts.

Julie’s work is also informed by a nearly two decades long hatha yoga practice and philosophy.studies in the tantric tradition of Rajanaka yoga. She is a certified yoga teacher whose experience in teaching yoga and meditation brings a strong somatic bent to her individual and group work.

You can learn more about Julie's work at www.riverbendcoaching.com.

John Luckovich

John Luckovich

Enneagram teacher, Integrative Breathwork Apprentice, Fourth Way

John specializes in understanding the inner work lineage of the Enneagram and the Instinctual Drives from a biological and Inner Work perspective. He has taught numerous Enneagram workshops and classes in the United States and Italy for children, teens, and adults, and has led workshops and inner work retreats based on original material. John has been a presenter at the Conference of the International Enneagram Association and Shift Network's Enneagram Global Summit.

John's interests have led to a deep involvement in Gurdjieff Work in the lineage of J.G. Bennett, The Gurdjieff Movements, Jungian group work, and meditation practice. He is an apprentice psycho-spiritual facilitator in Integrative Breathwork through the Inspiration Consciousness School in Baltimore, MD.

What People Say

Nick Podgurski

Nick Podgurski

“The workshops on the Instincts and on Relationships offered a unique and deeper look at the uses of the Enneagram. The exercises were hugely helpful. Having direct experience of my patterns was crucial to my understanding.”

Mary Ann Fernandez

Mary Ann Fernandez

“So much knowledge and information and taught in a very pragmatic style. I am looking forward to continuing to learn the Enneagram.”

Kevin O'Hanlon

Kevin O'Hanlon

“What was most valuable was being present to my tendencies so as to not be bound by them. In the class, I noticed how my attention shifts constantly. I imagine that will be on my mind a lot this week…It’s nice having an open discussion format.”

Keren-Or Tayar

Keren-Or Tayar

“Visuals and exercises made the speaking portion applicable and experiential. You are beautiful teachers, thank you!



“It was valuable to learn about reactivity and being attuned to others. I enjoyed your personal examples and stories as a way of explaining the topics.”

“I’ve felt crippled by my type and frequently bummed – it feels good now to have some tools and ways of thinking about relating to others. I like how the coteaching de-hierachizes the content. It feels more invitational and conversational.”


Enneagram Basics

Finding Your Type

The most common question I receive from people learning about the Enneagram for the first time is “How do I figure out my Type?” Some people recognize and land on their Enneagram Type immediately. For Read more…

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