Is your world feeling dull and repetitive, or crowded and busy with no way to orient to what’s most important?

On March 20, come explore what it means to know yourself, others, and the world in a fresh and direct way. You’ll get to experiment with practices that create the conditions for curiosity and spaciousness, and with the connection between grounded sensation and real thinking. Come discover how:

  • The truth of your nature is Awakeness — the ability to vibrantly perceive all parts of reality.
  • The truth of your nature is Clarity — the sharp illumination of particular pieces of reality.
  • The truth of your nature is Freedom — the Freedom to choose how you relate to your experience.
  • The truth of your mind is that it is a wide open space with the capacity to be curious, to imagine the future, to combine disparate ideas in new and exciting ways.

You’ll also get to know more about the properties of your mind through discussion and practice with Types Five, Six, and Seven, which have a home base in the Thinking Center.

Here are some visuals to inspire you about the possibilities of your mind:






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