Introduction to the Instinctual Drives



This two-part series was recorded in April 2018, and provides an excellent overview of the three Instinctual Drives: Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social. Each video contains visuals, video, and practices that you can work with to embody the energy of these drives.

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Part I: Introduction to the Instincts + Self-Preservation Drive 

Authentic self-awareness and understanding begins with knowing ourselves as consciousness occupying an animal body. We have three primary Instinctual Drives that help us attend to the basic physical and emotional needs of our organism: Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social Drives. These are powerful motivational forces behind our behaviors, feelings, and thoughts, and they comprise the foundations of our Enneagram Type.

The Self-Preservation Drive is how we support and care for our foundations, and helps us to live in a way that corresponds to our values. It’s the launching pad of our life force and the orienting force for making our life dynamic, balanced, and fulfilling. Fears of scarcity and harm rooted in the Personality can cloud the wisdom of this instinct.

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Part II: Sexual + Social Drives

The Sexual Drive is our drive to pursue attraction and chemistry. This Instinct discerns enlivening and complementary energies, and it inspires us to invest in and display our life force, talents, and attractive qualities. Fears of being undesirable and sexually overlooked rooted in the Personality can co-opt the capacities of this instinct.


The Social Drive is our awareness of other people and our need to create and maintain relationships. This Instinct recognizes the value of other people and motivates us to care for and participate in dynamics and concerns larger than ourselves. Fears of being ostracized and abandoned rooted in the Personality can overrun the intelligence of this Instinct.

Purchase the video of this recently-recorded webinar for $30.

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